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lonely weekend
Written at 6:07 PM on Monday, May 5, 2008 0 comment(s)

most of my friends have either gone back for the weekends or they've gone for "rural camp"....gonna be a lonely weekend this weekend...even my room mate have went to visit her parents...hmm....Abby and Chen Hueh went for rural camp while Carly went back home....Rainie will still be here but i'm not that sure about Alice..anyways,even with so many people gone,i still can't upload my photos which simply shows that the internet still sucks...stupid internet....stupid EBB..stupid INTI...

anyway,i just came back from a meeting just now and the LSSC(life saving and swimming club) will be organizing a diving event where students and staff member will be thought on how to dive with a minimum fees of RM 10 for students and RM 20 for staffs....if i'm not mistaken..anyway,do feel free to enter k?but i still haven't send in the proposal yet and that will be what i'll be doing over the weekend....