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She was Once
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the "perfect" someone
Written at 5:52 PM on Sunday, May 25, 2008 0 comment(s)

For the guys, you know how it goes.
The girl that sits right in front of you. You think she's the best thing since Penang laksa and beef rendang with roti canai.
You get kinda tongue-tied when you see her. You're not too sure what to say.

Everything is perfectly okay until she turns around and asks you your answer for that Add Maths question. And then you're suddenly a bumbling idiot. Tongue turns to jelly and you spill out something that perhaps ET would understand on his homeworld.

And she thinks you're a complete idiot and for that, you smack yourself on the forehead with your palm and go, "What on earth did I do THAT for?"

And for the girls, maybe something like this. He's like that artist/actor you always wished for.
The gorgeous eyes, the body, the face, the hair, OMGICANTBELIEVE HEISSOGORGEOUS kinda guy,
and it couldn't get any better than HIM. He's a piece of heaven.
When he walks your way, you subconsciously make an effort to straigthen out your hair or look in the nearest mirrorlike object to check your appearance.
You stand different, hoping to catch his attention and if you're lucky, a smile. Or if you're really lucky, a "hi." Which you'll go on and giggle about for the next three days to your gaggle of girls.Remember when you were a kid?

How perhaps, when you thought of your perfect partner for life, you would think of the perfect woman with perfect 36-26-34 measurements who would greet you at the door after a hard day's with a drink and plonk you down in your armchair to 'just relax' while she gets dinner ready?

Or maybe your dream guy was a hunk who helped with the housework and could dance, sing, play 5 musical instruments, wrote you poems and took you out for candlelight dinners and above all, cook?
Well, not unfortunately, things don't always turn out that way. Life is unfair that way, I suppose.

But sometimes, that's what makes life fun. Guy friends of mine who're attached and some of them who're married tell me that, "Hey, she was certainly NOT my first choice when I thought about getting a girlfriend!"
And said person would usually get a good whack across the back of the head from his eavesdropping better female half and he would have to spend the rest of the day persuading her that he meant otherwise.

Things we men would do for love, huh? But that's what makes it all worth it. So what happens to the "perfect man" or the "perfect woman" analogy we were talking about previously?

I'm kinda glad to say that it does not exist. Of course, for the romantics amongst you readers would claim otherwise but seriously, if you think about it, there's no such thing as the perfect man or the perfect woman. Everyone has faults.

And even then, the perfect man or woman would be an absolute horror to live with? Why? Because s/he's perfect and you're not. Who cares if he has baby skin and Colgate-advertisement-worthy teeth or a body that would put male underwear models to shame?

Who cares if she had eyes the size of saucers and hair that reflected starlight from 5 galaxies away and had the body of a supermodel? In the end, only thing you'll feel is inferior to them.

Because you see, as contradictory and as ironic as this sounds, for those of you who already have found that "perfect" someone, you would know that that someone is perfect because...s/he is imperfect. It is their faults that make them oh-so-lovable.Perhaps he doesn't put the toilet seat up. Or she leaves hairs in the bathroom sink. Or he doesn't cook. Or she spends too much on clothes and make up. Or he sings way off key in the shower. Or she is not as girlish as you would like her to be.

All these faults, as much as they annoy the heck out of you, if you can overlook these problems and still love that slob of a man or that spendthrift of a woman with all your heart, then that's love.

To be able to love someone just the way they are and not to ask for a single change.So if you're still seeking for that "perfect" someone, remember. It's not them that is perfect but it is your perception of them that makes them "perfect." There is no need to search far and wide for that Prince Charming or Sleeping Beauty. For all you know, s/he's been right there in front of your every eyes all along.

So,eyes don't so high...actually,that person is just in front of you...