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She was Once
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bundle exchange
Written at 11:28 PM on Thursday, June 12, 2008 0 comment(s)

finally done with my bundle and mooting will only be a month from today....but,even so,my courseworks are still piling up...

Contract-16 July 2008
General Principle of Malaysian Law-22 July 2008
Mooting-24 July 2008
Constitutional Law-25 July 2008

English Legal System's assignment would only be due next semester....so let's put that aside and start on my contract assignment on Frustration contract which is really frustrating....

Yesterday was a night for "Just One Night"...an event held by my club and it's finally over..thank God...but next weekend would be the Secondary School's swimming competition and the week after would be Law Awareness Week...anyways,i'm proud to say,i'm done with two events and done with my bundle...

just a few more weeks till my long long LONNNGGGGGGGGGG holiday...yippeeeeee!!!!!

i'll be going to get the scuba diving licence this July...can't wait for it....but I know,I'll be damn tired....