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She was Once
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the devil in me...
Written at 11:28 PM on Thursday, June 12, 2008 0 comment(s)

i heard the phrase "we are still humans" a lot recently....

i know that as a normal human being,we would get sad and angry and if we're fortunate enough,we would feel happy once in a while....so,my question would be,if we are above all that and we are able to forgive and forget easily,are we not normal?

i've been keeping everything inside for so long....it hurts the most when you're sad and yet,you know you have to show the whole world that you're happy....how long do i still need to fake it?i wanna smile and laugh and really mean it...i know that life is filled with ups and downs and there are always people who are worst of then me....but at this very moment,i just need to sincerely smile....

i felt safe holding on to you but all doubts are on you...everything you say,i know i should doubt but i can't...because i want it more than anything to trust you and to know you've never betrayed me....i feel so insecure right now,i just need to feel a touch to let me know that there's still someone there for me...

i know i've brought you lots of trouble and i know i've been nothing but a burden....but i'm still holding on because i want to...not because i have to...i'm willing to go through all those obstacles for you but how much are you willing to give up for me?i just wished you would share everything with me instead of pushing me away....

So let me get this straight,

you were leading me on,

using me,

keeping me waiting for

something that wasn’t there,

letting me get my hopes up for you,

acting like you cared,

and allowing me to start liking you more

and more everyday

because you didn’t want to hurt me?