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She was Once
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Written at 11:28 PM on Thursday, June 12, 2008 0 comment(s)

this saturday,there will be a swimming competition between colleges,and when i say colleges with a S..i mean a lot of colleges...haha!anyways,my president and my ex-president of my LIFE SAVING AND SWIMMING club eventually messaged me to ask whether would i like to be a helper for the competition this Saturday but just now at around 3,i got 3 phone calls from MR Chan from SAO asking me whether i would like to take part in the competition....adui....Saturday is the competition,now only call to ask a?think i got so much stamina meh?anyways,if i swim for the relay,we might have a good chance of winning because i'll be swimming alongside really good swimmers....but the problem is that,

  • why would i wanna swim for INTI when i can't even get scholarship when there are swimmers who could get scholardhip just by swimming for the stupid school...

  • we won't be able to get certificates if we fail in any event to get a gold,silver or bronze medal...

  • if we or any one individual get any medal,the rest of the participant for the school would get the certificate as well....why should we swim for others?

  • the certificate would be worth practically nothing and it's not like if we got it,our might-be-employer would most definitely employ us...so what the heck for do we need the certificate?

  • i'm having my time of the month AGAIN....

anyways,that's all still long to go...right now,there are other more important things on my mind....