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She was Once
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teddy bear
Written at 1:35 AM on Thursday, June 5, 2008 0 comment(s)

got a teddy bear from someone today...just wanted to say thanks so much...i really appreciate it so much...[still got new bear smell]...hehe!

but there's another thing that i saw just now...i saw that he deleted my number from his phone d...i said that relationships are difficult to understand and somehow,we became from strangers to friend to more den friends to strangers....

just now,i almost sprain my ankle...i almost fall into the sewer outside my block...so careless of me..next time shouldn't talk on the phone and not look at the road..so shameful...luckily not much people around and i think no one saw lo...haha!even though i never sprain my ankle but the skin on my foot peeled off...don worry,won't show you guys disgusting things like that k?i wrapped it up nicely with plaster...

those who read this post is not suppose to tease me about it and not to tell anyone else bout it k?