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She was Once
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what is it like being young?
Written at 11:28 PM on Thursday, June 12, 2008 0 comment(s)

i'm not crapping....so,hear me out k?

So what it is really like being young. Seriously, do society really understand the thick and thins we young people have to go through every single day? Yes, society was once young like us but time has changed tremendously and this generation ain't the same from the last!

How many times we hear our parents or our grandparents saying how different our generation are compared to theirs. I bet most of us get the "You're so fortunate" phrase time after time. Hey, don't get me wrong. I am truly blessed and I appreciate what my parents have to go through to raise me up to the person I've become.

What I am really saying is, we ourselves have our own battle to fight, our our challenges to face. Allow me to stress the title of this entry again. Today, we are constantly being the target of society. Yes, you can say everybody wants us badly.

Education has become the top priority on our list. It is breathed, it is lived. Whether you're a young man or women (although women are beating us man to it), you have to get the best when it comes to education. Society needs us to be well-educated or can I safely say, highly-educated, or else the future becomes gloomy. Which leads me to my next point.

Society needs us because we are the leaders of tomorrow. If is not the leaders of tomorrow, then the workers of tomorrow. New blood, new faces, new ideas. Oh yes, we are constantly needed when it comes to man-power. We are cheaper because we have least experience. Companies loves us when we apply for internships because hey, the experiences we get are much more valueble than monetary funds (bull?). And even after you get your experience, you are still deemed fresh or green!

And if you haven't notice already (because you're mindlessly manufacturing yourself for tomorrow), the product and services sector are violently competing to push their "goods" straight into our faces because we represent the majority of the market and (this is going to be hillarious) because we have stronger purchasing power (from our intership salary)! Just look at all those ads, hear those ads, taste those ads, smell those ads, feel those ads...Get my point? The campaigns are so vigorous that it engages all your five senses. Wait a minute, make it six! We are now suppose to "feel the vibe" when it comes to ads!

So yes, everybody wants us. Kinda dissapointing and sad to know we are wanted for other people's motives and purposes. I mean, who really wants us for who we are? Then again...who are we? Seriously, who are we?