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She was Once
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400th post
Written at 12:56 AM on Tuesday, July 29, 2008 0 comment(s)

this would be my 400th post but for my 400th post,i won't be doing anything special for it...anyways,as i look back at a lot of posts,i notice how much have changed and how much have happened....how much so many of us have grown and how many happy and sad moments have happened....anyways,got a nice award for my 400th post....

feeling really moody today...felt like most people just felt like becoming another's friend just because they need someone to be there when he/she is having difficulty and when they are happy,they totally forget the other party.....anyways,to prevent that from happening again...i shall refrain myself from committing whole heartedly to those who act the same way towards me....hmmm....well,the other party should know who they are without asking me...just know that i was there for u and when i needed you,you were never there for me...when u needed me,i would always leave everything behind just to help you with your trouble...and finally end up bringing trouble to myself...