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She was Once
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Written at 11:52 AM on Friday, July 4, 2008 0 comment(s)

have anyone ever really thought about how LDR would work out or would it actually work out as much as a normal relationship would work out?first of all,let me explainwhat LDR really is...LDR would actually in simple english mean Long Distance Relationship....

Are Long Distance Relationships (LDRs) really possible?

Are they really, really, really possible?I guess it's somewhat different if you're both studying and the long-distance period that's called for will end eventually when you both pack up and finish your studies. Not too bad, right? At least there's an end date to the distance. But what if both of you are already working and neither one sees the possibility of going there or coming back in the near future? Then what? Is it still possible?

Hmmm. I don't know.Sounds a lot like aimless dating to me.

LDRs take waaaaaaaaaaay more effort than relationships that are carried out in one location.
You never have the person you love by your side.
You never see them.
You only hear from them... for a couple of minutes (at most, an hour when you're both really, really free) in your 24-hour day.
When you need a shoulder, all you have is a telephone.
When you wish you could comfort them, all you have are hundreds of Hallmark e-cards at your disposal.
When you want to hold hands, the best you can get is an old picture in your hands... in place of theirs.
You never get to lie awake and hear them breathe.
You never get to kiss the lips that tell you they love you.
You never get to smell newly purchased shampoo on their hair. You only hear about it.
You never get to see something together and laugh about it when it happens. Cos it's always you laughing first and then... if you still remember it hours later, you tell them, and then they laugh. And many a time, they don't even do that. Cos, well, things are funnier in the flesh than when they are retold, right?

What I'm sure of is that long distance sucks big time. Especially when its you being continents apart from the one you love. (State summore not so bad.) It's tough. It's difficult. And it's so far from Easy you wouldn't even know where Easy begins and where it ends.