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She was Once
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love LoVe lOvE LOVE
Written at 5:42 AM on Tuesday, July 8, 2008 0 comment(s)

these few days everything seems to be about love...me and Abby watch a movie just now...the title of the movie is "L for Love,L for Lie"....after the movie,we felt that guys are really shitty at times...and i watch "sex and the city" the movie as well...guys seems to cheat behind the girls all the time...so my question would be,if your man or woman cheat on you,would you forgive them?

these few days,all i see in a lot of people's private message is mostly about love...somehow,love is bringing a lot of problems for a lot of different different people...love does have it's advantages and disadvantages....it'll make people feel happy and yet sad at the same time....

how should one make their choices on love?should emotions run high?should we control it if it's wrong to fall in love with the other person?

all in all,there's still so much more to be learned about it....

just smile and live life just as the day brings it....