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She was Once
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my day ahead
Written at 5:42 AM on Tuesday, July 8, 2008 0 comment(s)

I'll be heading over to mid valley hopefully after class....gotta go get my swim suit before tomorrow....gonna be gone for a few days and yet haven't finish my assignments....damn...i should stop procrastinating....

going to have class at 8 later....damn....early class all the way....

the question that i have been asking all the time has finally came back to my mind,what if...what if i die tomorrow....what if....what if i never come back....will anyone ever notice?

seeing how people act around people are kinda getting on my nerves....i don't know why but no matter how nice a person is,nice doesn't go all the way and when someone is being nice to you,it means so much more that you shouldn't pick on that person.....

anyways,just wanna get over everything quickly and just want life to be done with....not that i don't love my life...in fact,i love it terribly much....just the fact that everyone would die soon and i just wanna know,will we die happily or will we die sympathetically?