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She was Once
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sorry to hear bout that!
Written at 1:25 PM on Saturday, July 26, 2008 0 comment(s)

i just reached home and i heard from my sis that one of my friend's uncle just passed away...i'm terribly sorry to hear bout that....i just wished i could've known earlier...sorry cause i've been really busy lately....shall go visit her later....

my mind is filled with so much things....too many horrible things have happened lately...hopefully i'll know how to handle them well...

the other day,mr jefferson came and gave a talk about the university of Sheffield....it seems nice and all but the only problem is that it is only a 1+2 course...and that is going to come up to be a lot more than me doing just one year there...the break down of the whole thing there would be approximately like so:

living costs-£6,100 per semester = rm 39650 not including accommodation
tuition fees-£9,920 per year = rm 64480