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She was Once
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fried rice
Written at 12:31 AM on Tuesday, August 5, 2008 0 comment(s)

had fried rice for dinner today....but forgotten to snap the photos....anyways,i miss home terribly much...gonna go back home this Saturday d...and on Friday,Saturday and Sunday,there will be a PC Fair and as usual,it'll be in PISA...Tien called me today to ask if i wanna work with her but the fair starts on Friday so they'll probably be looking for people to go work on all three days so that it won't be troublesome but anyhow,even if i'm not working,i'll still be going as i wanna go get my external hard disk as some idiot spoilt it a while back....asshole....

i shall refrain myself from cursing anyone....keep in mind...I'm a lady...hehehe!!!