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She was Once
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Written at 6:03 PM on Friday, August 8, 2008 0 comment(s)

no matter how many times or how much LOVE hurts,somehow,i realize that people keep going back for more...i should know so much better...sometimes,there are people stupid enough to keep hurting themselves....i shall not deny it but somehow,i think i am one of them....a friend of mine just got married...she's just 18...and worst of it all,she's not even pregnant....and there's a few friends of mine who got involve with people who are attached(married or with gf/bf)...well,i'm no love expert so i don't really know what advice to give them....as it's love after all...well,sometimes,if it really does hurt so much,why do people still wanna hit their head on it still?is love really worth all that?what do people expect from love?

could it really last forever?could love really last forever?won't people get bored of it if it last forever?after all,we're just humans...don't worry guys...i'm so not in a love dilemma or anything like it....well,we do at most times,blame the other party when something goes wrong....but did any of you guys really looked at yourself and take the blame?but again,it's love,maybe no one is at fault,maybe it's just love.....

everyone just wanna be happy....maybe ,everyone should just live for "the moment" instead of planning so much...instead of planning about the future and all....wouldn't life be so much more simpler this way?

p/s:life is just complicated....