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She was Once
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Written at 1:10 PM on Thursday, September 25, 2008 0 comment(s)

i'm so tired and sleepy right now...i just came back from class and i know i really need to finish up my assignment as the due date is tomorrow but i feel really sleepy right now...i've been needing more sleep den usual nowadays and i'm really bum about it...

yesterday,had a lil' chat with a few guy friends of mine..they were all talking bout how old they are and how old they would be when they graduate and then one of them told me that he asked his lecturer,after living on earth for more then 40 years,what is the one thing your regret most?

his lecturer told him that he regret not having the most out of his youth and how he did not just have fun when he was younger and not worry that much that he was spending his parents' money....so, my friend den told me to just enjoy myself...i know..i really want to if i'm able....but i really do feel guilty when i spend my parent's money...if it wasn't for me,they could have used this money to go around the world and have so much fun and they could even stop working now...

sometimes in life,it's the hardships that makes us know what happiness is...