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She was Once
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what is love without trust?
Written at 5:27 AM on Friday, October 31, 2008 0 comment(s)

Love Without Trust
by Yolanda Rhoades
It seems no matter where you are in a relationship

it's always lacking trust,

and like a key opens a door,

trust is what opens a heart.

Without trust you begin to worry day and night

somehow gaining insecurities within yourself

that makes you question the love you two share.

You start to feel unworthy,

you have so much to say,

will there ever be trust or just that constant pain,

because of those feelings there's an emptiness in your heart.

you feel it's easiest to just move on,

but you wonder if you'll ever find a love so strong,

so just take his hand,

put your trust in him,

because love without trust isn't love at all.....