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She was Once
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will the time slow down?
Written at 1:01 AM on Wednesday, October 22, 2008 0 comment(s)

time seems to be running really fast this few days...all i've been doing is watch as time goes by...as day turned to night ans vice versa...so many things have been bothering me and i'm really not happy bout it....i wanna scream my lungs out and i wanna stab myself....i'm really looking forward towards the holiday but i don't wanna leave everyone behind....

the finals are coming to the last bend and it don't seem to look that far away...it feels like time is always running out....and after the finals,i have to start working..how stressful is that....man...i'm finally feeling old...finally feeling that time is not enough and time to finally realise that i shouldn't slack around anymore....