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She was Once
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finally,i updated
Written at 12:37 PM on Friday, November 7, 2008 0 comment(s)

sorry dears for not updating my blog for quite some time...had been busy ever since the exams...anyways, i'm finally done with exams and guess what,i'm doing my attachment now..i'm currently in the office and hehe...i'm not slacking k?i finished part of my job and now i'm taking a break...haiz...so much work to do but i guess it's ok as i'll be able to learn more like this den...had been working since the 5th and had been busy ever since then but the first day was kinda free and not that busy...but days that follow should be really busy den..i gotta arrange all the files according to years later...and guess what,the files are way a lot...*sob sob*.....i thought attachments are all about making coffee and photostating?haha!anyways,i'm thankful but the only thing is that i don't like driving all the way here...after one month,i'm so sure i'll be so sick of driving....shall update again soon but gotta go continue my work now....