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She was Once
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my baby
Written at 8:23 PM on Thursday, January 15, 2009 0 comment(s)

i just realised i got a baby......abby said in her blog that my event is like my baby....yea la....first event in my second year ma....and after that i promise i will not hold any large posts in any events or club anymore....because it's really just too much work and i really don't wanna get involve with things like this anymore....anyways,i really hope that on that day, many people will be attending the event and that there won't be time where the whole scene would turn "cold"...anyways,even though it's just the beginning of the semester but classes have already started and it's so busy...and soon, *i hope* i will be flying off to UK d....anyways, u guys should and could check out my event on facebook and hopefully those who can attend do come k?i will put up flyers everywhere....