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She was Once
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a little too not over you
Written at 11:23 PM on Saturday, March 28, 2009 0 comment(s)

i really wanna act like nothing happened but i can't...how do you just move on?just like that?did all that we just had an illusion?anyways,knowing there's no chance of us being together again...I'm slowly trying to withdraw myself from everything that consist of you....

How come facebook is not working on my laptop.... *sobs* why is my laptop always giving me problems?totally unreliable.....anyways,being a facebook whore,i won't be able to log on for a little while now....and that's totally bad...no more pet society...no more doing stupid quizzes...maybe it's something kinda good in a way....i'll be able to pay attention to my studies and stop log in in to everyone else's facebook and checking out their status....

shit....i'm feeling so sleepy and i have class at 8 tomorrow but i can't go to bed because in another 8 more days,i'm having my first mid sessionals paper and not to complain but i swear...it's no easy task revising for it...probably because i'm a procrastinator....like right now,i'm kinda studying in a way but somehow,i'm still with my blog and thinking bout so many things at the same time and kinda stil wishing i'll pass....


Shall update again soon when i stop feeling so guilty for not staring blankly into my notes....