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She was Once
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1 down, 3 more to go
Written at 2:21 AM on Thursday, April 9, 2009 0 comment(s)

just done with one paper and yet, there's still 3 more left.... feeling so stressed out and yet, not really doing anything....it kinda feels like since you know that you're gonna fail, might as well just give up on all of it right?feels like there's too many thinigs happening and life is passing you by too fast and you can't stop it.....gonna unleash all my different colours later on...anyways, what needs to be done needs to be done right?i really should stop procastinating....maybe someone should wake me up and show me how important all of these are....i really don't wanna stay back for another year....it's gonna be even more stress and the embarrasement...not only to me and my friends but most of all...to my parents....

besides that,i haven't even finish my university application and 4 more of my assignments are not even handed in yet....arghhhh!!!!i gotta pick up now....see how lazy i am...i know that i need to finish up so much things and yet i'm not doing it...

currently trying to finish up my personal statement and yet, reading equity & trusts on the other hand....i'm so multi-tasking....haha!!!!

p/s: can't regret what have had happen....all i can do is try harder and work harder...