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She was Once
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boyfriends and boy who are friends
Written at 5:18 PM on Tuesday, June 2, 2009 0 comment(s)

there are so many types of people and relationship in the world....what i'm about to discuss today is about friendship and boyfriends....i know it's not in my position to say it but i really dislike it when someone put their boyfriend over you...it's wouldn't have mattered much if that person is someone you don't really know because when they do that, you could just act like you did not see it and just walk away...but if it's one of your friend, it's actually quite uncomfortable sitting there and knowing you have to watch it and accept it...

a friend of mine, said she wanted to gimme something but in the end, she added," if u don't want it then i'm going to give it to him"...what i'm trying to point out here is, since she said and look like she would rather if he has it, what else am i suppose to say?i can't possibly tell her then, i want it right?it would be insensitive and obviously dumb of me...and besides, we hardly get to spend time with like a group of us anymore because she's always with him and our time are really limited....

anyways, as i said, there are different people in this world and since she's a friend of mine, i guess, i have to live with it and take it in as it is den....hmmphh....damn, i seriously dislike the way the guy think....

p/s:what's the point of having a boyfriend if all he act like is just a boy who is a friend?