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She was Once
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coughing and swollen finger
Written at 10:03 AM on Saturday, June 13, 2009 0 comment(s)

so many things are running through my brain now...it kinda feel like the monorail running on it's tracks and that it's running at a very high speed and it might run off the tracks at any time....

didn't really tell anyone when i'll be leaving because to be truthful, i'm not really sure either....really hope will be able to leave according to plan but there are always 'what if's' in life....nothing had been feeling right this whole week....my stress level is like way over the top and wish to find someone to care.....probably a lot of ppl do but somehow, i just feel neglected....what's the point of having a bf if all he acts like is just as if he is just a friend.....

a question i would like to ask:

would any of u tell ur partner if one of his/her best friend made a move on u....eg:tried to kiss u?