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She was Once
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love and lust
Written at 1:51 AM on Tuesday, June 2, 2009 0 comment(s)

how is one suppose to differentiate between love and lust?sometimes, i wonder is it because of gluttony for affection that causes lust?love seem to be something so pure and real but recently i started doubting love....don't get me wrong, i think love does exist...like the fact that i love my family and friends but to love someone else unconditionally...that is what i'm doubting....is it true that there is a part of you that could love someone unconditionally?i used to think that it might happen....i used to believe in love and fairy tales....but right now, i still haven't found it and right now, i think that love is only a feeling that people make up so that they could hold on to the thought...the thought of being in love...the sweet sweet feeling that one feel when they're in the beginning of the relationship when everything else is such a blur and there seems to be no one else but yourselves....
but lust....lust is a totally different case all together....ok...let's talk bout a senario....there's a girl, Amber, and a guy(obviously), Jesse....the girl and guy met at a club and undoubtly, the relationship gre into something much more serious...they meet up like every single day and one day, the guy just told the girl that this should all stop because of all the guilt they are feeling and how this is all wrong....the girl had never felt this way for a guy before and she and him knew that no matter what, the relationship is going to break down one day....the distance and culture would definitely tear them apart....so they stopped but the girl just wouldn't stop thinking or caring for the guy and she tries to feed off somewhere else....the question here is that, does she still wants the guy just because she knows she can't have him?or is it because, that's really love? and if it's love, could she get her affections fed by someone totally different?will time really heal all of it? is it just a phase?
love and lust?why are they so difficult to differenciate?guys stinks and love sucks....