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She was Once
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back yet still tired....
Written at 2:00 AM on Wednesday, July 1, 2009 0 comment(s)

just came back from my recent "holiday"....took a one week holiday and went back home but i didn't stay at home much because i was in the hospital like the whole week...anyways,what's important is that i'm back in school....can't believe i'm saying this but i'm actually glad to be back here...because i've been feeling so guilty for missing class for like the whole week....lots of catching up to do....

missed out on tree house in cyberjaya on friday....and missed out on so much juicy gossip from the yum cha gang...and missed everyone in school....

but seriously worried bout my studies....how am i gonna catch up on all that i lost...felt so lost when the lecturer was teaching in class today...sobs....anyone willing to spend time to teach me?