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She was Once
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bad cum good day
Written at 5:54 AM on Saturday, January 23, 2010 0 comment(s)

haha! the title is so full of diversion... anyways, had an eventful day.... well, the day started of with me attending the 3 hours class which was suppose to be just 1 hour....anyways, should be glad that my lecturers are working so hard....well, then came back and slept from 1-3 pm and laze around the room till 6++pm...later on, took my bath and this is where the evening turns interesting...was taking my bath then yiling ran in and was like "hua hua got into and accident" which i heard as "o che" which also means blue black, then i rushed out of the bathroom when yiling repeated the phrase and just put on the nearest clothes and didn't even bo
ther to brush my hair then i ran down to go pick toto up and den rush to the accident scene, which was like just right outside school....for those of you who saw it, you must've notice how terribly horrible the cars look banged up right? anyways, picked up hua hua and rushed to the nearest hospital and we actually have plans to go to CAPITOL SATAY

to have sate celup

and we almost did not make it because of the accident but guess what? my kakis are never beaten down by things like this and ta da...i ended up eating like 86 sticks of sate plus 2 herbal tea, 1 lemon juice and 1 coffee wine...thus the number 1 champion emerges...wakakaka!!!thus, the mission impossible of not eating for like 2 days shall begin....but of course, without fail, those who ever steps food in Malacca should not ever forget to sample this one of a kind food.... well, after the gruesome but partially enjoyable meal, we headed on to the jetty where we played pool and hung out for a bit before finally heading back at like 5 in the morning.... well, good night, or should i say a very good morning and sleep well....