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She was Once
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Written at 4:06 AM on Sunday, January 31, 2010 0 comment(s)

was chatting with my room mate and we were talking bout families and stuffs... she's like this soft-spoken girl and if any of you know me truly, you would know for a fact that she's totally different from me...i'm LOUD, and i would beat the crap out of u if i could.... anyways, my parents were really supportive of me ever since i was young... and my room mate was complaining about how she always gets pushed around ever since she was young and seeing her this way, made her looked so vulnerable and it sort of made her look like she had low self-esteem which i asked her and which she agreed to.... anyways, my point here is that i just felt really lucky to have parents like this and i really do appreciate them....

F A M I L Y = Father And Mother I Love You

do appreciate people who are close to you while you can....don't regret it later on....was this really self- loathe bitch but i'm thankful that life has turned over a new leaf for me....