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She was Once
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enough is enough
Written at 2:33 PM on Sunday, March 28, 2010 0 comment(s)

damn annoyed just now....well, for most of u who knows me, sometimes, i do get annoyed with my roomie for all the little things that she does, e.g: the other day at 8, she said she wanted to go to bed...btw, that's no surprise as she does at times sleeps as early as at 6... so anyways, she said she wanted to go to bed and i was like ok....so i continued watching my movie and i had already turned it so low that i'm pretty sure that there's no way she would hear or make out what they were saying, and she kept looking at me, then she said i should use my earphones, which i did considering it's the reasonable thing to do, so anyways, after i did, she still said it was too loud and then after a while, she told me she need to sleep with the lights off, so i did turn off the light den after a while, she told me that my laptop is giving out too much light thus i had to turn it off, thus creating the lifeless me....that's why i'm like in the common room so much nowadays..

anyways, what really ticked me off was the fact that today, an insect flew into our room and it landed on her which she jumped and then the insect flew onto the chair, guess what she did, she threw the chair to the middle of the room and after i said don't blow it to my side, she did just that and did not bother to clean it up with a paper or whatsoever, that's when ENOUGH IS ENOUGH and i could practically feel my blood boiling and well, i yelled at her and stomped out of the room..... and after cooling down, besides hanging up my clothes, i came back and guess what, she took my advice and cleaned up the insect with a paper...only problem is it's my paper and it's a piece of paper which i had been keeping for a while and i had no idea why she can't use any of her papers...that's when i really feel like stabbing her eyes out but i did not and i had to leave the room again to calm down.....and the paper is already in the dustbin and i can't take it up again...expecially after it has the insect's insides on it....

p/s:sometimes, i wonder if some ppl are just born retarded or they just enjoy doing retarded things?

anyways, a secret msg to M INSECT, i told u the story bout ur small bird cheating on u for ur own good, get out of the relationship with at least a little dignity left in u...u would rather trust the player rather then me, but then again, ur a M insect who likes to suck blood, i would not blame u since u do not have any brain in that little head of urs...do u know what kind of trouble u brought to us?thanks a lot...and if u wanna come confront me, u know my number and where i stay, if u want, do bring ur small bird along....