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She was Once
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Written at 11:47 PM on Monday, March 15, 2010 0 comment(s)

no idea why i'm so damn moody nowadays and just as my mood was beginning to lighten up, someone asked me out which me, as an idiot, as usual said yes and well, i should've known from the start that this person was gonna stand me up...it's not the first time this person, let's call him A, did it to me...

over the period of 2 years, even when A promised to meet at like certain time at a certain place, it's either that he don't show or that he has excuses....i'm not saying that his excuses are not valid but for a certain reason, he find me waiting for him much more fun then giving me a eff-ing call to tell me that he can't make it...well, as the years have taught me well, i did finally give up waiting for him and whenever he said that we're going to a so and so place, i would just end up listening and den will only head on down only if he's already waiting for me downstairs...anyways, since i'm like so moody today and i thought i might go and have a walk outside and since he said that he wanna meet up, i thought ok den...maybe we should...

stupidly, i went down with my laptop and my books as i was about to head to the common room WHERE WE WERE SUPPOSE TO MEET UP with my bag on my back...my burning back with my skin almost peeling off from the frigging sunburn... only to find out that he's still busy doing "something" and i just got so fed up and as i'm so polite as not to yell over the phone, i just stomp back up my room and called to tell him, if he wanna meet den he should just come, if not den...i don't know, i would never believe a word he say....EVER AGAIN!!!!

p/s: sometimes, ppl put up with u because they want to but when u cross the limit, to hell with u!!!