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She was Once
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wisdom tooth...AGAIN....
Written at 10:51 AM on Tuesday, May 4, 2010 0 comment(s)

was having fever on Saturday and slept the whole day and then on sunday night, finally had my high fever and i was thinking please don't tell me i'm gonna have Denggue again.....well, having an exam on Friday on my Tort paper....so anyways, was crying practically the whole night through because after the fever, my gum started swelling and it hurts like mad....it was then, that i finally realize..... that it felt so familiar...another wisdom tooth of mie is trying to come out to see the light of day....well, too bad that my quota for my teeth are fully filled up and guess what, i'm haviing another mini operation again on Saturday....damn, it's the second time and i'm wondering....since there's like 4 wisdom teeth...does this mean i need to have 4 operations?damn....well, went to the dentist yesterday and she gave me some medication...probably just all antibiotics and some pain killer.....the swelling and pain is still there and after medication, totally feel sleepy...couldn't even go to class.....or maybe it's just an excuse not to go to class....

p/s: if i lose all my wisdom teeth, does this mean i'm not going to have any wisdom at all?