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Experience with Ryan Air.... AGAIN!!!
Written at 5:37 PM on Saturday, July 30, 2011 0 comment(s)

Not gonna be posting a long post this time around... Got to Munich last night and was frigging annoyed as I was flying with Ryan Air... It's a low cost airline around EU countries and it's kinda like AirAsia in Malaysia... Anyways, was going through the security check in where they rampage through everyone's bag and they stupidly not put things back.... They list my contact lens case which was really annoying because I don't know where to keep them
Now and guess what, I just used a glass last night!!!!

Anyways, chilling out at Starbucks at Munich's rail station....

PS: this morning's breakfast was awesome with over 50 kinds of cheese!!!!

And a billion choices of drinks and yoghurt and fruits....

Shall update more soon... Gonna catch a train to Salzburg... Toodles!!!