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She was Once
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Au revoir, my fellow companions
Written at 12:16 AM on Saturday, August 20, 2011 0 comment(s)

My time here seems so short even though it has been almost a year... and I am thankful that I met lots of really nice people here... you guys make my experience here so special... and everyone of you are unique in my mind.... thanks to all those people who accompanied me here from INTI...
Ser Reen
: thanks for standing by my side in times when I need u the most... and dying my hair as we speak... lol.. I just want u to know that I appreciate the friendship that has blossom as we were never that close before... will try to put more effort into making this friendship last.... and I most definitely hope I can be there for u as much as u were there for me...
: I was glad when we finally made peace with all the misunderstanding and even with ur million and one pattern, I'm still glad that we are friends....

P/S: stop balding ur hair... u look better with some fur on u.. lol

and then came and met
: thanks for cheering me up with all ur silliness and all the little fights we keep having... lol... and did not tell u this before but u actually brought me out from a very "dark place"....

Jing Wei
: Thanks for being such an understanding friend and being the sweet one who always say good stuff about me even though everyone else was bullying me... hahaha!!!! u were always the one who wanted to know the facts from both sides of the story before making a decision and I admire you for that...

: even though I did not know u for long but I am thankful that I met you and even though u did not like me before, (lol), I am happy that we finally got together and can't believe that we have so much in common.... we even have the same taste in guys... yippeee!!! but wished that we would were on common grounds before and we would have enjoyed each others company more... and wishing you are going to get your BBC finally... really hope we are going to meet again some time in the future....

: Ade, u r the one person that I know the shortest period of time throughout my stay here and yet u would not believe the impact u made on me... I believe that u r a very strong willed person and I love the way you give ur illustrations , eg: "if anyone dare to agitate me, I will give her a tight slap"... I am gleeful to have met u and do meet up with me when ur back!!!!!

Tara & Hannah
: I can't believe my luck to have met u guys.... knew that joining BAR school would not be a mistake.... LOL.. even with all the drinking (which is not much at all if my Mum and Dad are reading this ) and the memories in Amsterdam (which I truly treasure always), I am still glad, especially knowing u guys were there to hear me whine and u guys have no idea how thankful I am that I was out with u all the night that I was such a handful... *winks*
: better not lie to me when u promise that u guys are gonna come visit... gonna miss u guys loads and promise to keep in touch!!!!!

Jessica (or Becky for Laurien)
: thanks for being so crazy all the time and I am so happy to meet u at Lounge on the Farm... all thanks to the person who invented the portable BBQ... LOL... keep up the smiley face and the wacky clothings... and let me know when u finally decide to come stay with me.... hahaha!! welcoming u with open hands....

on a final note, I know that there are some of u ( u know who u r) that was or are still unhappy with me and were bad mouthing me, just to inform u guys that, if u claim to be my friend ( and being friends means talking to me when u see me, even at the back of ur mind, u might be thinkng that I am such a bitch), I am truly disappointed that u guys would not come up to me and tell me about the things that I am doing that are making u guys uncomfortable.... I am not blaming u guys for anything because I believe that no one human is perfect and I sincerely believe that I am deeply flawed... LOL... and if u think that what u did was truly for the greater good and u believe every word that you uttered to whomever you are bitching to about, I am happy that u still care enough about me to bitch about me, but try to be a better friend by telling it to my face....

but to all those who confronted me, I am glad that I have friends like u guys and thanks for at least giving me some time to listen to my side of the story...

I love u guys so much and to those who I might not meet for some time or maybe ever, i bid to u " Au revoir".... and to the rest, " see u soon, i guess?"