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She was Once
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Happy Birthday.. to me!!!
Written at 7:49 PM on Tuesday, August 16, 2011 0 comment(s)

celebrated my early Bday celebration in London this year.. it was fun, I guess...
It was really funny how the night turned out.. as usual, had pre-drinks to get us tipsy and I brought the rest of my alcohol down since I'm moving out soon and don't wanna bring any of it back.... (I can't believe how much garbage I've collected over a period of 11 months and packing has been seriously hectic!!!!) anyways, brought down 2 litres of dirty pint and 1 litre of Smirnoff Espresso... was suppose to be drunk by the end of all that but probably because of
all the adrenaline pumping through over being excited, hence, did not even got drunk and Jess said " this cannot happen" and she bought me a bottle of wine.. drank it over at McDonalds
where Myles gobble down 3 double cheese burger.... and we were so tipsy when we arrived at the Tube Station... anyways, we took the tube from Queensway and probably got out at Oxford Circus (note the probably) and as we were walking out, Myles had to go and say "what's up, " to the man that was watching the turnstiles.. and there was a commotion when the guy said that he don't appreciate anyone using that language around him... and just as we were about to walk away, the transport police or some police of some sort came down the escalator... and at that moment, I was not thinking of "shit" or "oh oh !" .. I was actually thinking of the scene in Kung Fu Panda 2...
well, did not tell anyone this as it does not seem appropriate then... anyways, Myles got arrested... ARRESTED ... well, don't know the outcome of the whole thing as I had to head back the next day and he spend a night in prison... well, we did end up going to a Gay Club called Fire and well, we just kept running up and down to see Myles in prison and not allowed and going back to the club and apparently, we took a trip on the horse carriage

which I don't even remember!!! lol....anyways, all in all, it was a good night, went to a gay club and watch someone going off to lock up!!! sad but funny...